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Aminao in Los Angeles
Claire & Jason台湾出身。Kleaは公共政策を専攻。Jasonは経営工学専攻で私のクラスメイト。二人は幼馴なじみだそうですが、主導権はどうやらKleaにありそうです。Jasonがんばれ。

From Taiwan. Claire studies Public Policy and Jason does Industrial Engineering. They have know each other for long time. It seems Klea takes initiative between them. Anyway, you are nice couple!

From Japan. As an only Japanese in Electric Engineering department he is working hard among many Indians. Having his bicycle stolen, he carries new one to his 2nd floor room everyday.
Toru & Tetsu日本出身。二人とも経営工学科で私のクラスメイト。メジャーリーグ、フットボールなどスポーツに詳しいToruと、飛行機に詳しいTetsuは住んでいるところが近く仲良し。

From Japan. They are my class mate in Indutrial Engineering. Toru is familiar with sports from baseball to football. Tetsu is specialist for airplane. They are good friends.

From Singapore. He is my class mate. After graduated the Imperial College in London he moved to Los Angeles. He is good at cooking trained in London. Although he is a student of USC, he usually stays in San Fransisco. It is easy to drive more than 600 km here in the United States, isn't it?
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