Kiyosato General Information

Scenic Routes

Utsukushimori -From the parking lot, it is about a 10- minute climb up a paved path with stairs to reach the top of the hill,
where spectacuar view of the Yatsugatake Mountains, Southers Alps, Mt. Chichibu, and Mt.
Fuji await. This is a great spot to gaze out over the entire Kiy9sato area, as well.

Makiba park -The wide green meadows below the observatory are somewhat reminiscent of Switzerland.
Children can enjoy playing with the sheep.

Seisenryo-The silhouette of Mt Fuji against the bronze stature of Paul Rusch makes for a fantastic view

Other view points
Higashizawa Bridge, Yatsugatake Bridge, Taniguchi Stock Farm, Lion's Rock, Nobeyama
( the highest point of the Japan Railways Line )