Kiyosato General Information


Kiyosato is located in the Yatsugatake mountains at 1,000-1,700 meters abve sea level and offers opportunities for recreation year-round.
Runoff from snow in the mountains carved a deep valley here, which is now covered by deep, calm forsts. The cultivated meadows and pastures for dairy cattle enhance the natural beauty of the landscape.
Wild animals, birds, and flowers abound, making this paradise for those seeking to escape into nature
There are numerous hiking routes, ranging from easy trails suitable for families to harader courses for the serious trekker.

1.This is the most popular hiking route for one day trekk from Kiyosato.
 It passes through a valley, a forst near waterfalls, and leads to the top of Mt.Meshimori,
 where the 360-degree view of the area is phenomenal
 In the spring and summer, the sound of birds chirping brings this valley to life.

2.This trail easily accessible and suitable for a family hike. There are stairs along the
 steeper sections.  Highlights include a nice view of dairy cattle in meadows, a swamp
 ,and a lovely mountain scene. In early June, azalea bloom along the hill.

3.This route cuts through a deep ravine, making for a bit of an adventure, the path,
 however,is well-marked and maintained. The trail starts at the Higashizawa Bridge
 and finishes at "Dory" Falls, whichi takes its name from its resemblance to an angly
 dragon. A wide array of native birds can be seen and heard along the length of the
 Cool, fresh air in summer, and golden leaves in
 autumn (Mid October) make the walk particulary refreshing.

4.Mt.Akadake(2,899m) is the highest peak in the Yatsugatake mountain range. From
 the peak, the view is absolutely breathtaking in all directions. To reach the top of
 Mt. Akadake, there is a well-graded, steady climb of about 4-5 hours from Utsukushimori.
 It is possible to make this a day trip if you set out ealy in the morning,
 but we recommend that you spend a night in one of the huts at the top of the peak in order
 to see the sunrise over the mountain in the morning.