MRT - 7

丸紅株式会社(以下「丸紅」)とフィリピン大手建設会社D.M. Consunji Inc.(以下「DMCI」)の2社(以下「コンソーシアム」)は、マニラ首都圏北部に全長約23 km、14駅及び車両基地から成る高架式鉄道システム一式、及びバスターミナル建設事業を受注し、5月11日にマニラにおいて建設請負契約に調印いたしました。契約金額は米ドル換算約10億ドル(邦貨換算約800億円)で、工期は着工より42ヶ月、全線開通は2016年6月頃を予定しております。

MRT 7号線は、既存線である1号線と3号線が乗り入れる北端駅より更に北部に位置するサンホセデルモンテ駅(ブカラン州)までの14駅、23 kmを結ぶものです。開業後は北部に建設が予定されている住宅地・商業施設からマニラ首都圏へのアクセス利便性が格段に高まることになります。


MRT-7のプロジェクト運営会社Universal LRT Corporation のウエブサイト

Govt approves MRT-7
By Darwin G. Amojelar, Reporter
THE Metro Rail Transit line 7 (MRT-7) has been “approved in principle,” government sources said.
Officials of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) added that the draft of the contract agreement is being reviewed by the Department of Finance. They said the DOF is looking into the project to see if it is “deficit neutral.”
Guiling A. Mamondiong, Department of Transportation undersecretary said that after the DOF finds the project deficit neutral, the NEDA-Investment Coordinating Committee will again evaluate the project for final approval.
He said the project will be approved before the year ends.
Earlier, the Manila Times reported that the government will subsidize for 10 years passenger fares for the planned MRT 7, reaching $1.25 billion.
Based on its financial runs presented in a June 9 meeting, the proponent Universal LRT Corp. Ltd. proposed an actual fare of P20 a passenger and an economic fare of P80.56.This means that the government will shoulder the P60.56 balance.
Universal LRT, however, said the so-called subsidy payment will be collected by the government from other income sources such as tax revenues from real-estate development, advertising, commercial development of the stations and the share of the government in gross revenues.

Universal LRT’s projected passenger revenues are valued at $10 million to $20 million; transfer ridership, $6.4 million to $12.2 million; advertising, $1.20 million to $1.60 million; income on land share, $4.4 million to $11.6 million; income tax, $40 million; other project taxes, $5 million; and land development, $31 million to $168 million.

The proposal comes at a time when the government is hard-pressed wiping its budget deficit by 2010. It also runs counter to a government policy of extending no financial subsidy similar to what operators of existing light transits enjoy.

MRT 7 will cost $1.2 billion, and will have a 22-kilometer elevated track running from Tala in Novaliches to North Avenue corner EDSA passing through Lagro, Fairview, Commonwealth Avenue before joining MRT Line 3 in North Avenue.

The project is intended to serve commuters to and from the north of Metro Manila, including Novaliches, Fairview, Caloocan and Bulacan, and involves the construction of a 17-km asphalt private road at the Marilao Exit of the North Luzon Expressway that would terminate at the intermodal terminal in Tala

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