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Collaboration by Dave-iD Busaras from VIRGIN PRUNES and Toshi Hiraoka. Guggi joined the album as Special Guest. Plastic Noise Experience, Attrition, Dive, Strategy, Serpents, System Der Dinge, Biopsy, Diverge, Ionic Vision, in-Fused, Grayton, Sabotage, T, ThouShalyNot, F.R.T., type, The Narcissus Pool, God's Bow
DE015 toshi w/INSTIATORS personal progress 7"


HD002 ALVARO(ex.101ers)&Toshi men don't cry 7" $3
HD003 COSTES w/Toshi no sex boy CD $8
XPD9605A XPensive Dogs/Wat Tyler split CD $10
HD007 T(Toshiyuki Hiraoka) solo CD $8
HD009 Dave-iD Busaras&Toshi Bushy Luxury CD $15
HD010 VA-electro/industrial subhuman CD $9
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