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What is the tenant's situation like?

a> Reference materials (on Tokyo & Japan)
a-1>Renewal Fees are illegal (Kyoto District Court)

South Korea>
>South Korea 2003-2012 "A Scheme for One Million National Rental Housings"

e>The present housing situation in China(1)2006

Regulations & Laws>

e>The explanation on the guidelines of
"A Regulation for Preventation of Rental Housing
Troubles in Tokyo"

by Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment (enforced on Octover 1st, 2004)

f>What is "The Basic Act for Housing@‚o‚‚Œ‚‰‚ƒ‚™"? <2006,June, Japan>


(Explanation on contents of " Q&A")

questions), ‡A->( provisions of the law books),
essential points & abreviated words) *"some word" expressed in Japanese
LHLL=-->the Land-House Lease Law, CC=-->the Civil Code
REA=-->a real estate agency(agent), Art.=-->Article

If you have trouble with

the dispute on< making a contract>repairs, a deposit, a service charge
, a charge fee,etc , we will
(* Beware of the contract including the special and one-sided disadvantageous
for the tenants
stipulations, "Periodic House Lease contract"
teikisyakuya- keiyaku!)


<things during the term
> a raise in rent , renewal=-->nswer

< moving out>
getting back deposit , renewal fee , notice of moving out
, cancellation =-->nswer