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Feb. 3, '03

Today while surfing I found some web sites whose names are ',,, catcage'.
And I'm happy to know there are so many animal lovers in the world!
I'm sure those who love animals also love people. And they want to help especially children who are vulnerable, weak and need support.

Jan. 28, 2003

I wanted to upload my cats' pictuers today. So I searched my album for cats, and I try to find pictures I could put in these pages. Then I found lots of pictures of my old dogs and cats that are not alive anymore.
I became so sad and depressed that I didn't want to keep doing it. Since my husband said he would take new pictures of my cats, I think I'd better wait. Anyway, I managed to make new pages for my cats so I should be happy.

Jan. 23, 2003

Today I somehow manage to finally upload my web site. I'm so happy but very tired. I feel stupid. Because it seems that everyone else can have his or her own web site without any difficulty but me.

Jan. 20, 2003

Wow, I'm so excited to write my first journal in my site. But actually I still have long way to go uploading this. When will I be able to do it, I wonder?