Paintings By Adrian (Ade)
The paintings I usually produce are mixed media pieces on canvas or wood.
This work is made up of diverse materials such as sand, glue, wood, fabric,
printed paper, hand- made paper, oil paint, wood varnish and acrylic paint.

The paintings' mood can sometimes seem dark but they represent hope, the
light within the darkness, this work aims to create a sense of equilibrium.
This balance is very important, the balance between light and dark, order
and chaos.

This is expressed in the way each piece is created. Each piece is
planned only as far as the geometrical structure that is used, the rest
evolves as I react to each successive mark that is made.

I like to make
seemingly random marks, throwing and pouring paint, then add more considered
marks to balance this chaos with order or structure. This process is
repeated until I feel that the correct balance has been achieved.

Untitled (45cm by 30cm)
Time Between (45cm by 30cm)
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