The books I read in 2002

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Jan. 2002

1) The Solitaire Mystery, Jostein Gaarder

2) The Street Lawyer,John Grisham


3) 'Tis, Frank Mcurt

4) Guns Germs and Steel :The Fates of Human Societies, Jared Diamond

5) The Testament, John Grisham

6) The Partner, John Grisham


    7) Water-Melon,-Marian Keyes

    8) Misery, Stephen King

    9) Code To Zero,-Ken Follett

    10) A Painted House,-John Grisham

    11) Rachel's Holiday, Marian Keyes


      12) The Sins of the Fathers, Lawrence Block

      13) In The Midst of The Death,-Lawrence Block

      14) Time to Murder and Create,-Lawrence Block

      15) Fall on Your Knees,-Ann-Marie Macdonald

      16) Places in the Dark,-Thomas H.Cook

      17) The Bluest Eye,-Toni Morrison


        18) Phantoms, Dean R.Koontz

        19) Eye of the Needle,-Ken Follett

        20) When We Were Orphans,-Kazuo Ishiguro

        21) The Shipping News,-Annie Proulx

        23) The Prometheus Deception, Robert Ludlum


          24) The Remains of The Day,-Kazuo Ishiguro

          25) I Know This Much is True,-Wally Lamb

          26) Eight Million Ways To Die, Lawrence Block

          27) Vector,-Robin Cook

          28) Shattered,-Dick Francis

          29) The Elegant Universe,-Brian Greene


            30) The Mark of The Assassin,-Daniel Silva

            31) Touch the Top of the World,-Eric Weihenmayer

            32) Animal Husbandry,-Laura Zigman

            33) A Brief History of Time,-Stephen Hawking

            34) A Ticket to The Boneyard


              35) The Green Mile, Stephen King

              36) River out of Eden,-Richard Dawkins

              37) Vanishing Act,-Thomas Rerry

              38) Toxin,-Robin Cook

              39) The Marching Season,-Daniel Silva

              40) Love in the Time of Cholera,-Gabriel G. Marquez


                41) The Moor's Last Sigh,-Salman Rushdie

                42) The God of Small Things,-Arandhti Roy

                43) Jesus the Man,-Barbara Thiering

                44) Kitchin Confidential,-Anthony Bourdain


                  45) Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?, Martin Gardner

                  46) Compelling Evidence,-Steve Martini


                    47) Prim Witness,-Steve Martini

                    48) Isaac Newton: The Last Sorceler,-Michael White


                    49) Journal of A Solitude,-May Sarton

                    50) desert flower,-Waris Dirie